Terms & Conditions

Great to see you’re taking this seriously and reading what we hope to offer and what we ask from you in return.

The Touch&Play Project organizes many different types of events and we attempt to be as inclusive and giving as possible. We try to ensure that everyone can participate in the activities that interest them in a safe and collaborative manner. When you register we can, however, not guarantee a space in each desired workshop or activity. The teacher/facilitator and organizers are empowered to determine how many people they would like and who they feel comfortable teaching in any given circumstance.

Because of the unique atmosphere and content at the Liquid Love events, you are asked to limit your photography and video recording. Please only take images of the surroundings, yourself and those that have given you specific permission to include them in your images. Do not attempt to take pictures during the Liquid Love experience . At times there could be an official photographer or film-makers for documentation purposes. Participants can request not to be included in any of the images or footage and we would publish any photos or videos for review by the participants before hypothetically publishing it. Anyone concerned may request the deletion of pictures or footage in which they appear.

Liquid Love as well as all material (audio-visual or other) created at any Touch&Play Project falls under the following creative commons license: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

During the Liquid Love Experience we try to provide a safe environment for growth among all participants. As an intense event working with the body, intellect and emotions, we recognize that some participants might, at times, find it challenging or moving. To create a respectful, relaxed and safe atmosphere during the whole event, everyone is responsible for their own health, safety and happiness.  This includes adapting the offered material to best fit ones owns needs. When possible your are also invited, to assess and promote the security and joy of others at the event. It is our aim that as a group everyone is able to live and share a full and rewarding experience.

If, for whatever reason, after having completed your registration you will no longer be able to join us, a full refund, minus a €30,- administration fee, will be provided until 14days prior to the event. After this date no refunds will be provided under any circumstances.

The Liquid Love Experience is a clothing optional event and provides an opportunity for direct full-body skin to skin contact. This bring with it the risk of sexually and other transmissible diseases. By participating in this event you are assuming the risks that this may entail. If at the beginning of the Liquid Love you have any rash, open soar, scab, cut or other skin condition that might enhance or facilitate the transmission of disease you are asked not to participate and could be asked to leave by an organizer or facilitator. If you are the carrier of a disease that could be transmitted through close bodily it is your duty to communicate this to the organizers prior to registering. Together we will then evaluate how to move forward. Please consider that participating in this event while knowingly carrying  transmissible disease could be punishable by law. Please also consider that some people might be carrying a transmissible disease without their knowledge. All this considered we are not aware of any history of disease being transmitted through a Liquid Love Experience.

Participation in the Liquid Love Experience and attendance at the event location is at your own risk. The organizers, and Liquid Love facilitators are not liable for any physical, emotional or material damages or injuries caused to your property, yourself or others. We do not take responsibility for any loss of property while attending. The event organizers hold the discretionary right to exclude, for whatever reason, anyone from participating in all or part of the Liquid Love Experience.

All that said we really hope you come and help us make this an experience you won’t forget!

The Touch&Play Project.